Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention - Where do we go from here?

Written and Developed by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America and underwritten by an unrestricted educational grant from The Purdue Pharma Fund.

Abusing prescription drugs is dangerous - some may argue even more so than illicit drugs. Their concentration is pure and strong and they also tend to be inexpensive and accessible. These characteristics make this form of substance abuse particularly disturbing. The reality is that prescription drug abuse is a challenge that communities have battled for decades. However, there is a sense that communities are receiving additional wake-up calls that require action.

What You Need to Know about Prescription Drug Abuse

• What are the most commonly abused prescription drugs?
• What are the trends in prescription drug abuse—who is abusing, how many people does this involve?
• What factors contribute to prescription medication abuse and why does the problem seem so elusive?
• How can prescription drug abuse be detected and prevented?