National Prevention Network (NPN) 2008 Panel Talk: Prescription Drug Abuse

This 65 minute videotape is broken into three segments.
Following a brief introduction (5 min.) by moderator Bob Denniston, the microphone is turned over to Carol Boyd, from the University of Michigan. Boyd is a nationally recognized expert in drug abuse among adolescents and women. Dr. Boyd speaks for about 25 minutes on the various definitions and categories of prescription drug misuse. Teens may misuse medications that they have been prescribed, give their own medications to friends, or buy medication on the street. Boyd emphasizes that some types of misuse are more dangerous than others, and that, with limited money and resources available, it’s important to target prevention messages to populations at greatest risk. Also provided in this segment are statistics on drug use.

In the second section (14 minutes), two alcoholics, identified only as “Mike” and “Steve” tell their personal stories.

The final segment, by Craig PoVey of the Utah Prevention Advisory Council touches on implications for prevention.